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Favorite Series
Mr. Robot
For me this show is like Requiem for a Dream. It shows the darkest side of things and people. There are no words to describe how talented everyone is. The plot gives you plenty food for thought. I can't wait for season 3!!
The best show I've seen so far. Well-written, excellent director and amazing actors.
Hart of Dixie
one of the best shows. it gives you everything you want to see! love it
Hart of Dixie
one of the best shows. it gives you everything you want to see! love it
i am dying... it is so boring...... it used to be very intersting... but the 5th season.. oh my god.. I want to start crying.
No Tomorrow
This show is very fun to watch. All characters are insanely great. Th script is smart and it leaves you with a positive way of thinking an living. I would definately recommennd it to anyone.
The Flash
Getting better and better!!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 13
Just saw the new episode. I felt so bad for Penguin. He took all the blame just to help Gordon. I can't believe this is how he gets all crazy. It is all so sad
The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 10
what the hell was that?? very powerful, very emotional.. I am still crying
Arrow Season 4 Episode 10
flash could go back in the past and save whoever died. he wont change mush since the death was only 4 months, right?
The Flash Season 2 Episode 10
Please tell me that Patty is not leaving the show.. I thought this couple is great!!
The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 9
stefan and valery... not good for me. and and the heck happen there? damon and stefan trapped?? who is gonna save them now?
Arrow Season 4 Episode 8
I just want yo say sth for this episode. when kendra speaks another language (just 2 phrases) this is greek. I am greek and this is wrong. it doesnt say "do you understand? - I do" . it means Understand? we own this. If you people paay so much money for actors cameras and all that, plz plz do a little more than google translate. it is ridiculously easy to jusk ask a greek guy. A-n-y greek guy
It goes to the point pretty fast, which is both good and bad. It a really cool show, but why did you guys made it a 5 minute episode? is kind of annoying to be honest. Hope that vixen girl shows in the flash or the arrow show. We are waiting for more episodes!
Gotham Season 2 Episode 10
I loved it when Gordon punches Galavan <3
The Flash
Great show <3