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Yo..i m JaneYing...welcome to my profile....:D

Favorite Series
The charming and HOT AS HELL are BACK <333 the new episodes was amazing..i love his hiliarious character..Mazikeen is back tho...I love to see Mazikeen treat the bad guys with her evil tricks...xD
Once Upon a Time
Captain Hook is so hawt in Leather jacket <3 I m attracted to him too much....*-*
Once Upon a Time
OMG..I didn't realised I watch till season 4 already...so addicting....can stop watching it xD <3
Once Upon a Time
Rumplestilskin why are you so evil and selfish...for POWER....you should be good not evil :|
Once Upon a Time
this shows is awesome *_* almost all storybook character in this shows...can't stop watching it <3
Once Upon a Time
I can't stand Hook in his appearance in this shows.he is so hot <3 *-* xD
so long haven't heard a word..what is your desire? xD tom ellis (Lucifer )voice is so attracting xD
can't wait to see this shows..and their dope music <3 *-* recommended for those who loves music...should watch it xD
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
yeshh...this shows is continuing.. can wait to see Rebecca Bunch making hiliarious jokes xD i love this shows btw although it contains musical drama <3

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