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Favorite Series
I personally love the long episodes. I have a craving for it. I do not have much hope there will be more episodes more frequently. I wish the seasons were a little longer too. All the released episodes right now could basically be in one season as it is. I love Benedict Cumberbatch in all his roles he plays. He is one of my favourite actors. I love the "thought" process and how it shows texts/math/ whatever on the screen that it gets you thinking. It makes me interactive with the show in a sens
The Fosters
The Fosters was built to catch your attention and target the viewers that felt different. It made it relatable in a sense (not fully obviously) It has good humor and teaches lessons. I love the drama it contains aswell. Good show
The Vampire Diaries
I saw a review about twilight. 1. The Books of TVD came out before Twilight. 2. The tv show of TVD came out little less than a year later Twilight's first movie. It was not cashing in on Twilight. The CW were already looking for some directors/producers for TVD. On another level. I love the books more. They give you more freedom and by far my favourite book was The Vampire Diaries. The Return: Shadow Souls where Stefan was capture by kitsune. Good book. When people say the show is better, its

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